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Fully half our store is dedicated to our gaming customers, and we strive to be a full service, one stop game and hobby shop.  From Board and Cardgames through RPGs and Wargames, we have it all here at 21st Century Comics & Games.

Role-Playing Games

We bring in New RPG releases every week, and strive to keep in stock the best the RPG industry has to offer.  We carry the full line of products for D&D, Shadowrun, World of Darkness, Mutants and Masterminds, and many more.  We also have a large stock of small press or independent RPGs you might not find at other store.  We also have all the game aides you need, from D&D Minis, Reaper Minis,  erasable maps and combat trackers through all the latest game aids from Paizo press and others.   If your game of choice has gone out of print, we may still be able to help you out thanks to our extensive used RPG section.  If you are looking to upgrade to a new edition, or just clear some shelf space, we also purchase used books, for cash or store credit.

Recently unveiled, we once again have a dedicated space for groups to run their own campaigns here in the store.  The space seats 6 around a full conference table, and offers a huge 6 foot whiteboard on one wall for DMs and GMs to map out any needed aspect of their game.   The table can be reserved, and is first come first serve all other times.


If you are into wargames, we are here for you as well.   Our most popular games are Warmachine and Hordes from Privateer Press, and we stock the full line of both games, plus all the books, cards, and accessories.  We also have a good selection of Warhammer fantasy, 40K, and the Lord of the Rings battle games from Games workshop.  While we don’t have the full line, we place orders every week, and with our no cost special order service, we can be sure to get you anything we don’t have in stock in a timely fashion.  We are also proud to carry a wide variety of Battletech Miniatures and rulebooks for use with the Classical Battletech system.

For those of you who play one of the less well known wargames on the market, we can help you as well.  We have a small selection of models from the ranges of Pulp City, Malifaux, and others, and we offer a special order service that can get models from most miniatures lines under the sun.  If your looking to try out something new, rare, or out of the ordinary, we would be glad to help out.

We have added some substantial wargaming space in our current location, and have 3 full 4′ by 8′ tables dedicated to wargaming.  These tables are free use whenever we are open, first come first serve.  We also have a number of other tables that can be set up on our existing open table space, expanding out capacity by another 3 to 5 tables as needed for tournaments or events.   We have an open wargaming night every Friday, and are always looking for new players.  Check out our store calendar for more news and information about our frequent tournaments and Events.


Measuring over 7 feet tall, and almost 20 feet wide, our boardgames section is hard to beat.  All the shelves are packed with boardgames, from your favor classic strategy game, to the latest big box games from Fantasy Flight, Asmodee, and others. All our games are sorted and organized based on the categories from the popular board game geek website.  We find this actually makes the games easier to find, and helps locate other games of the same type a customer might enjoy.   We have a number of tables throughout the store available for use, and have a ever growing collection of demo copies and store games that we provide from customers to try out and play.

Collectible Games

From Giant monsters smashing cities, to great mages dueling in epic battles, to superheros duking it out high above the City, we stock many of the Collectible Miniature and Card Games that are popular today.   Magic The Gathering, The World of Warcraft card game, Monsterpocalypse, Heroclix, D&D Minis, and many more.  We currently have events running for Monsterpocalypse and Heroclix, and are always looking for people interested in running new events.  Check out our Store Calendar for all the up to date info.